A widget in general is an area which will show something in the overlay. What will it show? Well, that's up to you! You can create a widget to for example show driver information or a ticker.

In the screenshot on the right you can see the properties for our example SubWidget. At the bottom of the screenshot you see a description of what the selected option of a property does.

A Widget can contain a SubWidget, just right-click a Widget and select 'Add Sub Widget...' to create one. The same way is used to add a Label so a Sub Widget. A Label ist used to add some custom text or display information provided by the iRacing API (e.g. car number, driver name etc.).

The following screenshot shows how a data binding can be set to a Label. In this example we want to add a prefix to our data binding, so we need to use our {0} macro => 'Club: {0}' which would for example show 'Club: DE-AT-CH'.

IMPORTANT: You can't resize a Widget to a smaller size than it's SubWidget! Double-clicking a Widget/Sub Widget also opens a new editor tab for the specific Widget/SubWidget.