Release date:

05/24/2020 20:57:00

Release notes

This update merges a bunch of recent beta versions into the stable channel, along with a couple new additions.

New features in 1.29.10:

Bug fixes in 1.29.10:

Updates merged from beta 1.29.9:
New features:

Bug fixes:

Updates merged from beta 1.29.8:
New features:
Widgets can now be clipped visually by a rectangular region of your overlay. When clipping is enabled, only the region of the Widget within the clipping rectangle will be visible. Anything outside of the clipping rectangle will be clipped (hidden).

You can define the clipping rectangle using coordinates (Left, Top, Width, Height measured with respect to the overlay window), or by selecting another Widget to act as the 'Clipping Widget'. When you select a clipping widget, the boundaries of the clipping widget define the visible region of your widget.

More information: Forum thread

Test: this change required an update of the way Widgets are rendered when running ATVO. Please check for any abnormal positioning, sizing or other unintended changes. Also test the performance of NDI when using the "old" NDI v1 and please let us know if you think performance is negatively affected. Please test this even if you are not using the clipping feature!

Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug where Input dataset was not updating when new inputs were added to the theme or when inputs were renamed or removed.