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Posted by Admin
This release merges recent changes on the alpha channel to the beta channel

New changes for this release:
Fixed a bug where Replay, Live and Bookmark buttons in the Camera Controls stopped working.

Merged changes from alpha 1.48.1:

ATVO and Theme Editor updates:
  • Enabled input device hotkeys for Theme Editor buttons:
    • Control Buttons now have a new property Device Hotkey, which allows you to click the button via a joystick, gamepad or other type of controller.
    • Expand the Device Hotkey property, click into the Button property and click your physical device button to register the hotkey and the device.
    • NOTE: unfortunately, for Theme Editor hotkeys, ATVO cannot distinguish between identical controllers. For example, two physical Xbox360 controllers will both get the same device name, and either device will trigger the same hotkeys. From ATVO perspective, they are the same device. Different types, brands or makes of devices should get different names so you can use them at the same time.
    • The regular keyboard hotkeys are now found under the renamed Keyboard Hotkey property.
  • Text Input controls can now be controlled more easily via the 'Automatic binding update' property. When Automatic is disabled, you can change the text in your input textbox without influencing the data binding or graphics. The actual data is only updated when you execute the new 'Update binding' input action, which you can trigger via e.g. a button or other means. When Automatic is enabled (default), the input behaves as previously and will update the data when you remove its keyboard focus.
  • Added several new Actions relating to text Input controls:
    • Clear text: clears the text from the target input control.
    • Set text: sets the text of the target input control to the specified Value.
    • Update binding: updates the data binding value (as displayed in the graphics) of the target input control to match the current text on the controls. This is for use in combination with the new 'Automatic binding update' property.
  • Tweaked the way the "session time remaining" data binding works during gridding and pacing before the race. The time remaining will now return the length of the race even during gridding and pacing. Previously this binding returned the 2 minute gridding count-down which was not intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the status of Data Triggers and Condition Flags was not synced to remote clients properly.

ATVO Theme 2023 version 1.3.1 update:
  • Automation storyboards, groups and commands can now be re-ordered by drag/drop in the settings.
  • Refreshed the look and behavior of the Automation window. It now displays each automation storyboard as a button you can click to start it, and shows how many times it is running. The window also supports filtering and re-ordering of the storyboards by dragging them.
  • Hotkeys and Automation storyboards can now be copied from another profile into your current profile.
  • Slightly modified 3D Grid element spacing to avoid headshot images overlapping names.
  • Fixed a bug where the automation command to change the selected class(es) in the Tower widget was not working properly.
  • Improved detection and error reporting of duplicate registered keyboard hotkeys. If you have already registered an ATVO hotkey and try to use the same button combination for a Theme hotkey, an error message now warns you of this fact without crashing the theme.

Merged changes from alpha 1.48.0:

ATVO updates:
  • Hotkey support for various camera and replay control actions:
    • In the Hotkeys tab under ATVO settings, you can now configure any number of hotkeys.
    • Each hotkey can perform one or more actions, such as playing/pausing the replay, setting replay speed, creating bookmarks, jumping to a replay or back to live, etc.
    • Hotkeys can be triggered by keyboard shortcuts or various USB input devices such as gamepads, joysticks, etc.
    • For more info please read our documentation.
  • Quick Switch camera and focus popup. Use this to very quickly switch the camera group or focus to another driver. For more details see our documentation.
  • Drivers box (to quickly change camera focus) now supports a right-click menu to simultaneously select the driver and camera group.
  • Drivers box now includes the pace car at car number 0.
  • Fixed a potential crash for Theme Editor themes when the time remaining was 'infinite' or too long.

ATVO Theme 2023 updates:
  • Reworked the theme hotkey system to be the same as the new ATVO hotkeys:
    • Theme hotkeys now support multiple actions and can now accept parameters, allowing for much more actions.
    • Theme hotkeys now also support USB device inputs such as gamepads, joysticks, etc. Streamdeck is supported through vJoy, please see our documentation.
  • Added much more actions that can be performed by hotkeys but which require parameters/inputs. For example: setting the followed position of the Battle widget, setting the class of the Tower, starting or stopping an Automation Storyboard, etc.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Automation system to be very laggy.
  • Fixed a bug where the Automation commands could not be used to choose the "none" gap mode, e.g. in the tower or battle widgets.
  • Fixed a bug where the Automation commands to change the gap mode (e.g. gap, interval, pitstop lap, etc) was case sensitive.
  • The 'Change class' automation command can now select "All classes" by using the value of -1 as an input.
  • Added an option to show Team (or club) name to the Grid widget.