Telemetry Recorder introduction

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The ATVO Telemetry Recorder tool is available from version 1.36 (currently in alpha channel).

The Telemetry Recorder is a tool that records live telemetry from an iRacing session to a file on your computer. You can then play back the recorded telemetry at a later time, without having iRacing running, and ATVO will be able to read the data as if it were coming from iRacing.

Recording a session is very useful for theme development because you can keep replaying the same situation over and over, and you no longer need to connect to iRacing constantly to test.

Usage guide

You can find Telemetry Recorder in the main ATVO menu under Tools - Telemetry Recorder. ATVO does not need to be open to use Telemetry Recorder, it is a separate tool.

Recording a session
To record a session, follow these steps:
  • Open Telemetry Recorder and click Browse to select a destination and name for your recorded telemetry file. The filename should end with the ".ibx" file extension. Note: select a new file, do not select an existing "*.ibx" file.
  • Connect to an iRacing session and wait for the session to load.
  • Once loaded, you can click 'Record' to start the recording.
  • Keep recording until you have the desired length of the recording.
  • Click Stop or quit iRacing to stop the recording. The file will now be saved.

Setting the ATVO Data Source
To tell ATVO to use the recorded telemetry playback, you have to change the Data Source setting:
  • Go to the ATVO Settings - General Settings page.
  • Change the Data Source to 'Telemetry Recorder'
  • The ATVO status bar will turn orange and indicate it is waiting for a Telemetry Recorder connection, instead of an iRacing connection.
  • To switch back to iRacing, change the Data Source setting back to "iRacing".

Replaying a recording
To play back a recorded session, follow these steps:
  • Make sure iRacing is not running.
  • Make sure the Data Source is set to Telemetry Recorder.
  • Open Telemetry Recorder and click Browse to select an existing recording file (".ibx" file).
  • Click Play to start the play back. A progress bar will show you how far along the recording you are.
  • ATVO should now show a live connection to the recorded session and start showing data from that recording.

Seeking through the recording
During play back, you can click on the progress bar to 'seek' to that moment in the recording. The playback will restart from the beginning and quickly spool to the requested position.

Important notes:
  • ATVO does not expect radidly changing data. While you are playing back recorded sessions, the ATVO data should behave normally. However, if you are seeking through a recording, ATVO will read wildly inconsistent data which may mess with many of our systems, such as gap, speed and pitstop timings, and much more. Please be patient after seeking through a recording and allow ATVO to slowly catch up and stabilize. After switching to another ibx file recording, it is adviced to restart ATVO.
  • File size: Please note that *.ibx recorded telemetry files quickly become very large, as they store all live information of a session 30 times per second. We typically see ~20 MB per minute of recording, depending on the session. Choose a destination where you can store large data.
  • Do not play multiple recordings at once, as this will corrupt the data. Restart your PC if the data is corrupted and playback fails.

Difference with regular iRacing telemetry
The regular iRacing telemetry (*.ibt files) do not record live information about all cars and session state, so you cannot use these to replay a session.

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It is a very cool new tool, thank you for that :)
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Awesome! Going to test this right away!
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I'm aware of issues with recording, it may not work in some cases. I'll try to release an update this week to resolve that, sorry.
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3 tests this morning, multi / mono impossible to rec :(
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I can also say that with both AI and practice, with or without themes, the recording doesn't work. Running version 1.36.1
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Nick, if you have some exemples files in stock, could you give download path ?

It will be nice to test some developpement without have to have to be connected to iRacing and find the good session waiting some event happen.
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The recorder should be fixed in version 1.37, now on alpha.
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Ho, I will see soon :)
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Test it, and it is perfect. Thanks.
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