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The forum supports most of the standard BBCode formatting similar to other forums. In addition, some BBCode tags specific to our forum have been implemented.

Standard formatting tags:
[b]Text[/b] makes text bold.
[i]Text[/i] makes text italic.
[u]Text[/u] makes text underlined.
[s]Text[/s] makes text strikethrough.

Text size and color
[size=X]Text[/size] changes text size, where X is between 1 and 7.
Size 1, size 2, size 3, size 4, size 5, size 6, size 7
[color=#<hex>]Text[/color] changes text color, where the color is specified as a hex value such as "FF4400".

Quote, code blocks and similar elements:
[quote]Text[/quote] quotes other text:
This is a quote example.

[code]Text[/code] or [script]text[/script] puts the text in a code/script block with automatic syntax highlighting for script languages.
public class Script : IScript
public object Execute(ThemeContentItem item, object value)
return value;

Lists can be made using the "ul" (unnumbered) or "ol" (numbered) tags, with each separate list item designated with a "li" tag:
[li]List item 1[/li]
[li]List item 2[/li]
[li]List item 3[/li]

  • Unnumbered list item 1
  • Unnumbered list item 2
  1. Unnumbered list item 1
  2. Unnumbered list item 2

Include images from a link via the img tag:
[img]Link to image[/img]

Image tags can be created automatically by attaching images to the post, see for example Attaching images.

[url]Link address[/url] creates a clickable link such as:
[url=Link address]Text[/url] creates a clickable link to 'Link address' displayed as 'Text', such as this clickable link.

Miscellaneous tags
[hr][/hr] adds a horizontal line / separator:

[ignore]Text[/ignore] can be used to write BBCode tags which are ignored and are not processed by the parser, for example to show the tags as in this post.

ATVO custom tags
Several custom tags are available for this forum:
tags create a clickable link to another post on this forum,
where 'post_id' is the numeric ID of the post.
[post=post_id]Text[/post] creates the same link to post 'post_id' but displayed as 'Text'.
[log]Text[/log] create a logfile block which displays contents of a logfile trimmed to a maximum number of lines to keep the post size smaller.

See Attaching logfiles for more help on posting logfiles.
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