Auto-update only triggered from Launcher.exe?

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Hey all,

I only recently noticed this.

I've pinned both the main ATVO program and the Theme Editor to my Windows task bar so that I can jump into them quickly. I have both of them set to the Alpha channel, but I've noticed that when there's a new build, starting those apps directly doesn't inform me of the new release.

I've now just pinned ATVO.Launcher.exe to my taskbar so I don't miss any updates :)

Is this expected behaviour? I had just assumed that ATVO.exe and ATVO.ThemeEditor.exe would also run the update check.


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When you install ATVO, we create two separate shortcuts for ATVO and the Theme Editor. Those shortcuts will correctly check for an update before starting the requested application. If you make your own shortcut to the actual application then it will not work indeed.

You can find the shortcuts in the installation folder, or in the Windows start menu. You can simply copy those shortcuts and paste them somewhere else, or simply drag them to your task bar to pin them there if that's what you want.