Car, Number, Helmet and Club logo generated images

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From ATVO version 1.43.2 (alpha channel) we have added experimental support for "generated images" in the Theme Editor.

"Generated images" are images of cars, car numbers, helmets and club logos that are generated by your local iRacing service. The images generated should appear the same as in the sim itself, including cars with custom paints.

Car Numbers and Car images are used as an example:

How to enable:
  • Choose the Widget, SubWidget or Label on which you want to display the image.
  • Select the root Widget and make sure the Data Set is set to a Data Set that contains results or drivers. For example: "followed", "standings", etc. But not "sessionstate".
  • Go to the properties of the Widget, SubWidget or Label and find the "Generated Image" header under the Background category.
  • Expand this category to Enable the generated image and choose the type of image.
  • Make sure to also choose an appropriate Image Stretch setting (Uniform is probably the one you want to avoid skewing the aspect ratio).
  • You most likely want to clear the Text property under the Data category to avoid showing the default "{0:0}" text.

The image will figure out on its own who the driver is and what image to show. No further data binding settings are required (though you can still use the regular Data Binding to display text on top of the image if desired).

The images are closely related to the new Spotter Guide feature and borrow settings from same place. For custom car paints you must set the appropriate settings in the "Car, Number and Helmet images" settings tab of ATVO.

Notes and known issues
  • This is an experimental feature which may have serious problems. It is only partially tested and may come with large performance impact in some cases.
  • The images need to be downloaded the first time which may take several seconds. If you start or load the theme once already connected to iRacing, then an attempt is made to pre-cache all images which should avoid further slowdown later.
  • If a new driver joins the session, the images may not react appropriately at the moment or may cause a small slowdown while the images load.

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I have to look that, thanks
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Ok, works find :)
Just think to refesh in Timing Screen to see Trading Paint TGA. Then I have to load again my theme but it show directly a ticker, if I had a buton show / hide does it refresh TGA I don't think so.
Perhapps add a refresh button on controls
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Saw in Timing Screen the car logo, do you think you can add it on generated image too?