Camera Focus - Pace car/Most Exciting

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I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to make a button to change camera focus to the pace car? Also, under the iRacing “helmet” list there’s an option to focus the camera on Most Exciting.
I’m thinking this would be really good for my “crank it up” sessions on broadcast. Is there a way to select this with a command and not the iRacing menu with a mouse?
Thanks a bunch!
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Unfortunately there is no way to do this currently. I will see if I can add this in a future release.
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This is now possible in the most recent update:

The Change Camera action (Change Focus effect) can now be used to change focus to the pace car and the 'special' values (most exciting, focus on leader, and focus on crashes). To use these, use any of the following as the Value in the action: "pacecar", "exciting", "leader", "crashes". Alternative you can use their numeric values of 0, -1, -2 and -3.
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It was also possible already through the Camera Controls window (part of the Timing Screen) in case you were not aware. I just made it possible through the theme actions as well now.