Release: version beta

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New features in 1.45.4:
  • NDI "v1" has been removed and is no longer supported. To use NDI streaming, use the included NDI Recorder.
  • NDI Recorder can now be started and closed automatically when ATVO starts/closes. Enable it in the NDI settings from ATVO.
  • Updated NDI Recorder:
    • Updated NDI binaries to the latest version.
    • Removed the warning for other NDI sources.

Features merged from beta 1.45.1 to 1.45.3:
  • Added the ability to override iRacing class names and colors without using full custom classes.
  • Add Text Wrapping property to Labels. Note that the Stretch feature (where the text compresses or expands) will be disabled when Text Wrapping is enabled.
  • The selected session in the Session List will now sync between remote clients.
  • Added 'Add Bookmark' feature to the right-click menu of the Event List, which adds the selected event as a bookmark.
  • Improved 'scroll to top' behavior for the Event List. By default, or after you manually scroll the list to the top, the list should automatically keep scrolling to the top when a new event is added. If you manually scroll down, the auto-scroll is disabled until you scroll back to the top again.
  • Add better sorting support for the Drivers box (accessible through the Drivers link at the top right of the toolbar in the Timing Screen).
  • Fixed a bug in CSV custom classes where using Car Number, Car Path and Car Id as the identifier would sometimes fail to link drivers to the class.
  • Fixed a bug where Dropdown selections in Theme Editor themes were not syncing between remote clients.