Release: version beta

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New features:
  • Added several Built-in converter scripts. For some common converter use-cases, you can now select from a few built-in converter scripts instead of writing your own scripts.
    • A new property 'Built-in converter' is now available under the Data Converter section of a data binding.
    • Select a converter from the dropdown or use the browse button to see the available converters and a short description of their usage.
    • If you have selected both a built-in converter and a custom Script file, then the Script file is used instead.
    • Available converters include: converting times to text, converting text to colors (e.g. hex codes), displaying gap and interval values including indications like 'out', 'pitting', etc.
  • NDI Recorder: clarified that the usage of 'Hide border' is only available on Windows 11, and disabled the setting for older operating systems.