Release: version beta

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New features (Theme Editor):
  • Add new Event Triggers for some local driver flags: blue, black, repairs, disqualified, etc. Note that these events will only fire when they happen to your own car (or potentially your driver's car if you are connected as a team member). They will not fire or other cars.
  • Significantly improved performance of 'Override Background' properties. This should benefit performance and CPU usage if your theme relies on these heavily.
  • Small performance improvement to the data binding system.
  • Small performance improvement when executing scripts, especially for .NET (C# / VB) scripts.
  • Added a new option 'Enable event logging' for scripts. If enabled (by default), log statements in your script (such as Console.WriteLine in C#) will continue to print to the Event Log. Now you can disable this setting (once you are satisfied that your script does what you want) which can slightly improve performance of the script execution.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a rare bug in the pace calculator that could generate crash logs on some tracks.