Release: version beta

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NOTE: This build introduces an experimental change to the theme editor data binding. Please use with caution and preferably use the Stable channel for broadcasting, while using this beta release for testing only.

New features:
  • You can now change the Data and Theme update rates. Lowering these settings may give some performance benefit if ATVO is struggling to keep up. If you are having performance issues, try turning down the Theme Data update rate first, and the Data update rate secondly if it has not improved.
    • Data update rate: controls how often the sim updates the ATVO data. Reducing this value will reduce CPU usage. Reducing this value too much may have an impact on accuracy of laptimes, speed, gaps, etc.
    • Theme data update rate: for Theme Editor themes, controls how often your Data Bindings are being updated. Reducing this value will reduce CPU usage.
  • Added new Data Sort orders: "Standings" and "Class standings".
    • The Standings order is almost the same as the (Live) Position order, except that it is also able to sort entries that do not have a valid position assigned yet. For example: entries without a valid laptime in Practice and Qualification sessions.
    • In the settings you can choose how these entries without a valid position are sorted: alphabetically, by track position, by car number, etc.
    • For drivers with a valid position, and especially during a Race session, the order behaves the same as the (Live) Position order.
    • Whether Standings follows the "Live" position (updates during the lap) is controlled by the "Use Live Data" global setting.
    • The Standings order is now the default order for new widgets.
  • Moved some settings around on the Settings screen, mostly moving graphical-related settings to their own tab.

Bug fixes:
Improved handling of corrupted configuration files after a crash, to prevent unclear error on startup.