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Replay & Live transitions
ATVO now supports the use of transition videos or images when going to a replay or back to live. There is a default transition video included, but you can also choose your own video or image. You can use transitions from the Camera Controls (by checking 'Use transitions' before hitting Replay or Live), or from the Events and Bookmarks list. The right-click menu to play an event or bookmark has been updated with more options to choose between using a transition or not.

To read more on transitions see our documentation.

WebTiming now includes the Spotter Guide
The Spotter Guide is now replicated in the Web Timing server. To use the web spotter guide, you must at least (1) update your Web Timing server with the new included WebtimingServer files, (2) enable the spotter guide in the Web Timing settings, (3) show or refresh the spotter guide in your Timing Screen at least once to let it update.

For more information on the Web Timing and how to setup and use it, see our documentation.

Updated ATVO Theme 2023 beta version 0.8.5:
Added new settings to override the Replay / Live transitions. This allows you to specify separate transitions per theme profile. Note: when Override is enabled, this has precedence over the main ATVO 'Custom transitions' settings, those will not be used until you close the theme.