Release: version beta

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  • Updated Web timing:
    • Fixed the bug where web timing was not working in the previous beta release.
    • Added colors to the Events page similar to the ATVO timing screen.
    • Added filtering to the Timing screen and Events web timing pages.
    • Fixed a bug where some events could sometimes not appear in the web timing.
  • (Theme editor) Added a Text Wrapping setting for the Input controls.
  • (Theme editor) Added new data bindings related to session fastest lap in the followed, standings, etc data sets. They are named "session_fl_xxx" and behave the same as the existing "fl_xxx" bindings in the sessionstate data set.

Updates merged from alpha 1.47.4:
  • Improved detection of "slow car" and "crashed" events:
    • Tuned sensitivity separately for road and oval racing.
    • Cars braking for pit lane should no longer be detected as driving slowly or crashing.
  • Added new config file for advanced users to tweak the various detection thresholds and delays. Please read the documentation on session events for more information!