Release: version beta

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ATVO Updates:
  • Added new playback buttons to the Event screen to play the selected event with/without margin and with/without transition. These perform the same actions as the right-click context menu but may be easier to use.
  • Added a new 'camera type' for Event playback. You can use it to select what camera will be used when playing the event. There are three options:
    • Use event camera: behaves the same as before. By default, it will use the camera that you were on when the event was recorded. However, you can also click in the Camera column in the event list to select another camera, before playing the event.
    • Use Camera Controls selection: overrides the event camera with the camera selected in the Camera Controls dropdown.
    • Keep current camera: do not change the camera and keep the current camera.

ATVO Theme 2023 updates:
  • Fixed a bug in the drop results rule (for championship standings) where drivers not currently in the session would not drop their 0 points result from the current session.
  • The drop results rule (for championship standings) by default now only considers subsessions that award points (through the Point system csv), unless you have specified which subsessions are allowed to drop via the "Session names" setting. If you have specified session names, only those subsessions from the current session are considered for a drop result. If you do not input any session names, all sessions that award points to at least one position will be considered.