Release: version alpha

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Updated Streamdeck plugin:
This version includes a new ATVO Streamdeck plugin, which may fix some issues with the Streamdeck plugin and connection.
You must click 'Install Streamdeck plugin' from the Hotkey settings again to install the new plugin version. Please ensure that you have version 1.0.6 running by right-clicking any of the plugin actions and viewing the version in the context menu.
  • Attempted to fix issue where the Camera Controls dropdown list was not populating.
  • Fixed an issue where ATVO and Theme Editor could not run at the same time anymore.
  • Added more logging for Streamdeck plugin to resolve connection issues.

Repeat of previous release notes:
  • Streamdeck is now supported directly via our own Appgineering ATVO Streamdeck plugin! More info below, or read the Hotkeys documentation.
  • Support for gamepad, joystick and similar device hotkeys must now be enabled explicitly in the Hotkey settings. The default is off, turn the setting on to let ATVO listen for device inputs.

Streamdeck support:

Camera Controls:
  • Use the 'Camera Controls' streamdeck action button and select what kind of action you want to perform, e.g. Play, Slowmotion, Replay, etc.
  • Press the button on your Streamdeck to control the ATVO cameras directly. No further setup is required.
  • Note: ATVO must be running on the same PC as the Streamdeck software, and 'Use Streamdeck' setting must be enabled in ATVO.

ATVO and ATVO Theme hotkeys:
  • You can use the 'Custom hotkey' streamdeck action to use the streamdeck for your own hotkeys (instead of direct camera control).
  • Drag the Custom hotkey to your Streamdeck and give it a unique name. Then press the button while setting up the hotkeys to link the hotkey to that Streamdeck button name.

Theme Editor theme hotkeys:
  • Theme Editor buttons also support 'Custom hotkey' Streamdeck buttons. Simply use the 'Device button' property, highlight the input box and press your Streamdeck button to link the button.