Release: version alpha

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ATVO updates:
  • Drivers and Cameras box now highlight the button for the currently selected driver and camera.

ATVO Theme 2023 updates (version 1.4):
  • Introducing the new Weather widget and Tower item extensions!
  • Added a new 'information mode': Car image. The Car image can be shown in various places such as on the Tower, Compare widget, etc. The Car image mode can be found under the Images category in the mode dropdowns.

New widget: Weather!
  • Show the current weather conditions, as well as the historic trend (PRO) of air and track temperature during the race!
  • The Weather widget supports metric and imperial units, and is fully color customizable.
  • The Weather widget is available for every license level, however the historic trend feature is only available for the Pro license.

New feature: Tower item extensions! (PRO)
  • Highlight one or more drivers by vertically extending their items on the tower to show more information.
  • When extending an item, the driver headshot (or helmet image, if enabled) will be shown.
  • Additionally you can choose which information to show in the expanded space, such as gap, interval, or various images like the new car image.
  • This feature is only available for the Pro license.