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ATVO 1.50 updates:
  • Timing Screen Battle indicator: Interval and Class Interval columns can now show a background color when the interval on track is below a specified threshold. The threshold and color are configurable in the Timing Screen settings. The color will slowly fade away at the maximum interval, and be fully opaque at an interval of 0.
  • Added Class Gap & Class Interval columns for the Timing Screen (enable them in the column settings).
  • Theme controls scale / zoom percentage can now be configured in the Graphical Settings.

Further changes from ATVO 1.49.6 stable merged to 1.50:

ATVO updates:
  • Timing Screen sort by Class Position now sorts the results by class first, then by class position, so the classes stay together.
  • Telemetry Recorder now shows small indicators where green and yellow flags were waved.
  • Telemetry Recorder can now "fast-forward" without having to restart from 0, if you fast-forward to a point later than the current frame. If you rewind to a previous frame, the playback will still restart from 0.
  • Fixed a bug where Time Remaining in the data could briefly flash to 0 at the race start before counting down.

Theme Editor updates:
  • New Action: Change Data Binding. Change the data binding for a Label. Set the 'Value' of the action to the desired data bindings, use a comma-separated list to set multiple bindings. Ensure spelling is correct, otherwise the value will be ignored.
  • Added an error message in the Error List when using the Built-in Gap converter on labels with the wrong Data Binding.

ATVO Theme 2023 updates:
  • Fixed a bug where the various Followed widgets could become out of sync with the followed car when swapping too fast.