Release: version stable

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ATVO updates:
  • Add 'Class' column to the Timing Screen.
  • Fixed a bug where single-class AI races would not count gaps, intervals, championship positions, etc.

ATVO Theme 2023 updates:
  • Fixed a bug where the Fullscreen Championship widget was ordering by position "before the current event" rather than live position.

Merged updates from last beta 1.50:
  • Timing Screen Battle indicator: Interval and Class Interval columns can now show a background color when the interval on track is below a specified threshold. The threshold and color are configurable in the Timing Screen settings. The color will slowly fade away at the maximum interval, and be fully opaque at an interval of 0.
  • Added Class Gap & Class Interval columns for the Timing Screen (enable them in the column settings).
  • Theme controls scale / zoom percentage can now be configured in the Graphical Settings.