Release: version stable

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ATVO updates:
  • Improved error handling and messages of account and login errors.
  • Transitions: Further improvements to loading of replay and live transition media to avoid issues with playback.

ATVO Theme 2023 updated to version 1.5.2:

New widget: Pitstop Tower!
  • The Pitstop Tower shows the pit lane and pit box time of up to 4 drivers at a time, while they are in pit lane or afterwards.
  • In Manual mode, you can select which drivers to show. Drivers are ordered by their position and will animate in/out when you change selection.
  • In Automatic mode, drivers are selected automatically when they are in or leaving pit lane (and not out of the race). You can set a maximum pit stall time for drivers to be selected. You can optionally exclude additional drivers from being selected by the automatic mode via the dropdown selector, e.g. to stop showing drivers that have crashed and are getting lengthy repairs.
  • The driver selection dropdowns will highlight drivers in red when they are in pit lane so you can quickly identify and show them.
  • The widget controls has an option to enable 'Pitstop notifications'. When enabled, this section of the controls will flash in red whenever a driver enters the pitlane, so you can react and show their pitstop if desired.

Updates carried over from previous beta release:
  • Added support for displaying fractional championship points via Championship Display properties. This allows you to display e.g. half points by making the points in your CSVs 10x higher, then dividing by 10 in the display settings:
    • Division factor: divide the total points by this factor (e.g. divide by 10)
    • Decimals: choose how many decimals to display after dividing
  • Added new Automation commands for setting several Text properties on the Message widget and Driver Compare widgets.