Release: version stable

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Theme Editor updates:
  • Improved the Ticker Restart action to avoid flashing empty bindings and incorrect paging update timing.
  • Added several new Actions related to changing data sets and data bindings:
    • Set Data Set, Set Data Order, Set Data Converter Script (& Parameter), Set Text
    • These and related Actions now also better support selecting relevant Targets and Values from a dropdown rather than having to type in the values.

ATVO Theme 2023 updates:
  • Added 'Use overall position instead of class position' to several widgets (Driver Compare, Onboard, Pitstop Tower, Stints). When checked in a multi-class session, these widgets will display the overall position instead of the class position.
  • Improved overlap prevention between several widgets including the new Stint widget by hiding overlapping widgets if they were visible.

ATVO Theme 2023 updates carried over from previous beta 1.51.3:
  • New widget: Stint Comparison! A timeline of each selected driver shows on which laps they pitted and what lap they are currently on, for a quick comparison of their pit and race strategy.
    • Before Showing the widget, select one or more drivers via the driver selector.
    • Choose the lap range to display or leave it on Automatic, which always shows from 0 to the current lap.
    • In the settings, choose to display yellow or green highlights under the pitstop badges to indicate if the pitstop was under caution or green flag conditions.
    • The Stint Comparison widget is available under the Pro license only.
  • New feature: Tower Battle! Highlight 2 or more drivers with a special background color and header to draw attention to a tight battle!
    • Before activating, choose the starting position (and class), and then choose to highlight a fixed number of drivers, or all drivers within a specified gap time.
    • Keep in mind that using the feature on positions in the 'variable' part of the Tower may not look as good as they can be split in separate pages.
    • The Tower Battle feature is available under the Pro license only.
  • Fixed a bug where Pitstop Tower widget would not show any items after a session change.
  • Fixed a bug where the id column of the Championship results csv was case sensitive when using DriverName or TeamName identifiers. The identifer should now no longer care about upper or lowercase.