Release: version beta

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ATVO updates:
Updated Data Tunnel for better performance. Please give it a try and let us know if you see a difference in performance. Use the 'Legacy mode' to revert to the old version if you encounter any issues.
  • Optimized the amount of data sent to avoid network congestion.
  • Optimized the handling of the data on both server and client side to reduce CPU usage.
  • Add target update rate setting to the server; try to reduce the update rate if your PC or network cannot keep up.
  • Add 'Use legacy mode' setting to revert the Data Tunnel to the old mode in case of issues.
  • Removed dropdown choice for selecting the server IP on the Client, since it was not detecting the correct computer anyway.

Theme Editor updates:
  • Tickers now support more options in how their child items are arranged:
    • Item Margin is now called Item Margin (common) and applies to every item. The Item Margin (common) can now be specified separately for left, top, right, bottom sides.
    • Added Item Margin (additional per item) setting. This is an additional margin that applies 'cumulatively' to every item. You can use for example to indent consecutive items for a 'slanted' ticker, or increase the distance between items as you go along the ticker.
    • Added Horizontal and Vertical Item Alignment settings. This is used to align the items to the left, center or right (for a vertical ticker), or top, center or bottom (horizontal ticker).
  • Added several new Actions to change the data binding and converter settings for Dynamic Backgrounds. You can now set their binding, path, script, etc via Actions similar to regular bindings.

ATVO Theme 2023 updates:
  • Added 'Invert gap sign' setting to the General settings. This will invert the gap sign from "behind is positive (+3.814)" to "behind is negative (-3.814)" in all widgets. A restart may be required for some widgets.