Release: version beta

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Hotfix version
Reverted a change that could cause issues parsing the data with some driver setup names.

New features:
  • Telemetry Recorder will now show "session change markers" on the timeline after loading a valid recorded telemetry file. These markers indicate where a session change took place (e.g. from Practice to Qualification, to Heat 1, to Feature, etc). Clicking these markers will also 'seek' to the start of that session.
  • Added a new built-in convert script: Fallback converter. The purpose for this converter is to take multiple Data Bindings as input, and return the first non-empty value as the first output. This is useful for e.g. spreadsheet bindings, where you can now add both the spreadsheet binding (1st binding) and a fallback data binding as the 2nd binding. With the Fallback converter selected, the first output value will automatically switch between the spreadsheet binding (if found in the spreadsheet), or the fallback (if not found or empty).

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug where Widget Videos would restart after pausing, instead of resuming where they were paused.