Release date:

05/24/2021 13:13:51

Release notes

Note: This is a large update with some experimental changes!

Summary of new features (see details below):


New gap / interval calculation
The gap / interval calculation has been revised and now behaves much better. Please keep an eye out for issues in the gaps especially related to multi-class races and report any issues. In case of issues: you can revert to the old-style calculation by enabling "Legacy gaps" in the settings.
More details and feedback here: feedback.

Pace delta information in the Timing Screen:
ATVO now keeps track of the pace of each car and reports it in the Timing Screen. Pace is calculated by comparing the current pace to the average of the previous few laps. You can see both the instantaneous pace on track (e.g. is the car on pace right now or did it slow down?) and the current laptime delta compared to their average lap. 
Details & feedback

Session Events update:
The Session Events list now highlights differente events with colors, and allows you to filter the list down to the event types you think are relevant.
Details & feedback